Tezos Mumbai upgrade: Increased scalability and faster block times

Kushagar Konark

3 Feb 2023

Tezos, a decentralized blockchain platform, has been making waves in the crypto space for its innovative solutions and commitment to continuous improvement.

One of the most recent developments in the Tezos ecosystem is the Mumbai Upgrade, which has brought significant changes to the platform. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Mumbai Upgrade, its features, and the benefits it brings to the Tezos community, developers, and investors.

The Mumbai Upgrade

The Mumbai upgrade was activated on 17th January 2023 and brought three significant innovations to Tezos. First, intelligent rollups become officially available on the Tezos blockchain. Second, the validity roll-up solution, named Epoxy, is introduced on the Mondaynet testnet. And third, the block time is reduced to 15 seconds, making the Tezos blockchain even faster.

Smart Rollups on Tezos

The activation of smart rollups in Mumbai is the result of a year-long effort by the Tezos development team. Smart rollups offer a powerful scaling solution for the Tezos blockchain by allowing anyone to deploy decentralized WebAssembly applications with dedicated computational and networking resources.

With the Mumbai upgrade, smart rollups have been improved in several ways, including a shared global inbox for all rollups, access to external data sources, and compatibility with the Data-Availability Layer (DAL).


Validity Rollups on Mondaynet Validity rollups, also known as ZK-rollups, will be introduced to Tezos with the Mumbai upgrade. Epoxy implements validity rollups on Tezos and allows for instant finality due to SNARK’s proof of validity.

This will enable the development of privacy-preserving solutions that do not rely on Tezos’ Layer 1 for publishing and distributing data. The first instance of a validity rollup, handling tickets, will be originated on Mondaynet.

15 Second Block Times

The Mumbai upgrade will also bring faster block times to Tezos, reducing the minimal time between blocks from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.

This is made possible by the validation pipelining project, which separates the validation from the application of blocks and operations.

This optimization allows blocks and operations to be propagated faster, giving the Tezos development team confidence to safely reduce block times.

So, what’s the significance?

The Mumbai Upgrade brings several benefits to the Tezos ecosystem, including increased scalability, improved security, and faster block times. These improvements will make Tezos a more attractive platform for users, developers, and investors.

One of the key benefits of the Mumbai Upgrade is the increased scalability of the platform. With the introduction of Smart Rollups on the main net, the Tezos network will be able to process a higher volume of transactions per second, making it more efficient and scalable.

This will make it easier for users to transact on the platform, and it will also make it easier for developers to build decentralized applications on Tezos. 

The zk-rollup solution on the Tezos testnet is designed to provide a testing environment for developers to experiment with the technology and to help identify any potential issues before it is rolled out to the main net.

This will ensure that the solution is robust and secure before it is adopted by users.

Another key benefit of the Mumbai Upgrade has improved security. The implementation of Smart Rollups on the mainnet reduces the risk of double-spend attacks, making the Tezos ecosystem a more secure place for its users.

The zk-rollup solution on the testnet also adds another layer of security to the platform, especially in the DeFi space where privacy is becoming increasingly important.

XTZ going Bazooka!

The Tezos community has been eagerly anticipating the Mumbai Upgrade, and the launch has been met with positive reactions from both the community and the market.

Since the announcement of the upgrade, the price of XTZ, the native token of Tezos, has risen, reflecting the excitement and optimism surrounding the launch.

As the Tezos ecosystem continues to evolve and improve, it is expected that the demand for XTZ will continue to grow.

Moving forward…

The Mumbai Upgrade is just the latest in a series of developments that have helped to establish Tezos platform in the crypto space.

The Mumbai Upgrade is a significant step forward for the Tezos ecosystem, and it is set to bring several benefits to the platform and its users.

From increased scalability and improved security, to faster block times and a new zk-rollup solution, the Mumbai Upgrade represents the future of the Tezos ecosystem.

The positive reactions from the community and the market demonstrate the potential of Tezos and commitment to continuous improvement.

As the platform continues to grow and evolve, it is expected that it will attract more users, developers, and investors, making it a leading player in the decentralized finance space.