Meet the Team behind Lyzi: Core team, Advisors and Business partners

Kushagar Konark

22 Apr 2023

As $LYZI IDO (Initial DEX offering) is arriving soon on Instaraise’s launchpad, we believe it’s crucial to showcase the individuals driving this project forward.

Meet the People Behind Lyzi – A group of talented team and strategic partners that have come together to create a groundbreaking crypto payment application on Tezos.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to Lyzi’s core team members, experienced advisors, and the business partners who have already begun deploying crypto transactions with Lyzi in their retail space.

Core Team

Damien Patureaux – CEO

CEO at Lyzi, Damien

Damien Patureaux is an experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in the tech industry, marketing, and brick-and-mortar businesses.

His vision and leadership have driven the creation of both Lyzi and Fidly, a loyalty-on-chain startup.

Damien is responsible for leading all aspects of technology, marketing, and growth for the Lyzi wallet, ensuring that the product meets the ever-evolving needs of the market.

Sebastien Estines – CBO

Sebastien Estines is a seasoned entrepreneur who has spent years working in the tech industry and retail.

He brings his expertise to Lyzi as the Chief Business Officer, leading the Easy Wallet project, an on-chain payment solution in the Tezos ecosystem.

In addition to his work on Easy Wallet, Sebastien has developed numerous tech apps designed to simplify and enhance the user experience.

Daniel Cesar Vieira – CTO

As Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Cesar Vieira is passionate about cutting-edge technology, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to collaborate with various agencies and research initiatives, where he has contributed to several breakthroughs in technology.

Daniel oversees the Lyzi product suite, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of technological innovation and meets the highest standards of quality and security.

Olivier Leclerc – Business Development Team Leader

Olivier Leclerc has been an avid supporter of the crypto industry for years.

In 2018, he founded Neoconomia, an educational platform that has trained thousands of students in the crypto and blockchain industries.

Olivier’s experience running various businesses as an agency manager that has equipped him with the skills needed to lead the SMB’s strategic partnerships and network development for payment acceptance at Lyzi.

Léo Lopes – Marketing Project Manager

Léo Lopes is a talented marketing professional with a focus on commu

nity management, customer onboarding, and crypto payment deployment.

As the Marketing Project Manager, Léo plays an essential role in shaping the Lyzi brand and driving user engagement.

Julien Bayang – Community Manager Julien

Bayang is a crypto enthusiast with years of experience in the industry.

His passion for cryptocurrencies and NFTs has led him to create online training courses that educate others about the exciting world of digital assets.

As the Community Manager for Lyzi, Julien’s role is to build and maintain a strong, engaged community of users, ensuring their needs are met and their voices are heard.

Hamad Sayed – Lead Tech Dev

Hamad Sayed is a highly skilled full stack developer with expertise in both front-end and back-end development.

As the Lead Tech Dev for Lyzi, he plays a crucial role in bringing the team’s vision to life, building and maintaining the platform’s technical infrastructure.

Hamad’s keen eye for detail and commitment to quality ensure that Lyzi’s platform remains secure, reliable, and user-friendly.

Together, this group of talented and driven individuals forms the core of the Lyzi team.

Advisors Team: The Visionaries Guiding Lyzi’s Success

The Lyzi project is backed by a stellar lineup of industry experts, each with a unique set of skills and experiences that contribute to the platform’s growth.

These advisors come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from blockchain and cryptocurrency to retail and payment industries.

Cyril Paglino – Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Cyril Paglino is a highly successful tech entrepreneur with an impressive track record of founding and growing businesses.

His ventures include Starchain Capital, a blockchain-focused investment firm, and The Garage, a European tech accelerator.

Additionally, Cyril has founded Wizee, a marketing technology company, and Tribe App, a social video platform.

Cyril brings his wealth of experience and industry connections to advise Lyzi on strategy and growth.

Adli Takkal Bataille – Bitcoin Strategist and Digital Thinker

Adli Takkal Bataille is a veteran in the crypto industry, having founded Le Cercle du Coin, an organization focused on promoting cryptocurrencies in French-speaking countries.

As a Bitcoin strategist and digital thinker, Adli shares his expertise with the Lyzi team, providing invaluable guidance on all technical aspects of the project and ensuring that the platform stays ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving blockchain space.

Stéphane Djiane – Founder of Global POS and Easy Wallet Solution

Stéphane Djiane is a strategic advisor in the retail ecosystem, with a successful track record of creating innovative payment solutions for retailers and brands. He founded Global POS and the Easy Wallet solution, which is now known as Easy2play. 

The platform is a global payment aggregator that has processed over 1 billion transactions and connected more than 27,000 points of sale.

Adrien Hubert – Co-founder of SSII Smart Chain

Adrien Hubert is a blockchain industry specialist with a focus on tokenomics and governance.

As the co-founder of SSII Smart Chain, he has extensive experience in developing blockchain-based solutions for various industries.

Adrien acts as a strategic advisor for Lyzi, sharing his knowledge and insights to help the team navigate the complex world of blockchain technology.

Paul Billy – Alibaba Cloud and Payment Industry Specialist

Paul Billy is an expert in cloud computing and the payment industry.

He has worked with Alibaba Cloud, a leading cloud service provider, where he honed his skills in developing strategic partnerships with global brands.

Paul’s experience in the payment industry and his connections has helped Lyzi to establish and maintain strong relationships with key industry players.

Quentin Herbrecht – ICO Marketing Specialist

Quentin Herbrecht is a renowned ICO marketing specialist who has successfully led multiple projects to their funding goals, including Pokmi, Winkiverse, Mecachain, and YesOrNo.

As an advisor to Lyzi, Quentin shares his expertise in crafting effective marketing campaigns and generating buzz around the project

Jean Cyrille Girardin – Network and Payment Advisor

Jean Cyrille Girardin is an accomplished network and payment advisor with a background in developing American Express’s network.

Currently working for Edenred, his experience and connections in the payment industry make him an important resource for the Lyzi team.

Jean Cyrille assists the team in developing a powerful payment network that can cater to the needs of various stakeholders.

Blandine Berland-Madinier – Founder of Finpoint

Blandine Berland-Madinier is a strategic advisor with a high level of expertise in loyalty programs, both from a strategic and financial perspective. 

As the founder of Finpoint and a partner at On Point Loyalty, Blandine has advised leading airlines, loyalty providers, and investors worldwide.

Lyzi’s Business Partners

Lyzi’s success is not just driven by its talented team and knowledgeable advisors, but also by the strong network of business partners who have embraced crypto payment in their operations.

These forward-thinking partners represent a wide array of industries, from retail and real estate to automotive and food services.

Have a look at trailblazing business partners who are contributing to the adoption of Lyzi’s payment solution.

Global POS powered “Easy2play”

Global POS, with its “Easy2play” solution, offers a global acceptance and payment network of 27,000 points of sale. 

They have partnered with Lyzi to deploy the Lyzi wallet and $EAZY token across their extensive network, bringing seamless crypto payment solutions to retail spaces worldwide. is a real estate network of 300+ agencies that have partially adopted crypto payments for rent and deposit payments using Lyzi’s platform.

This partnership showcases the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the real estate sector.


LYF Pay is an all-in-one mobile payment application designed to simplify daily payments. They have integrated Lyzi as a crypto payment brick, allowing crypto payments across 25+ national brands.

This partnership expands Lyzi’s reach and demonstrates the increasing demand for versatile payment options.


Save is a network of 90 phone and computer repair and sales shops that have partially adopted crypto payments through the Lyzi solution.

This partnership highlights the growing versatility of cryptocurrency as a payment method in various industries.


Beaugrenelle, a mall center located in downtown Paris near the Eiffel Tower, is one of Lyzi’s first premium partners to trust the platform for crypto gift cards and crypto payments.

Beaugrenelle is part of the Apsys Group, a well-known retail group that owns 60 mall centers across Europe, showcasing the potential for further collaboration and expansion.

Freemium Play

The Freemium Play gift card is a 100% dematerialized card offering access to a catalog of more than 75 digital entertainment partners.

By partnering with Lyzi, Freemium Play now allows customers to pay for their gift cards using cryptocurrency, furthering the adoption of digital assets in the entertainment industry.

Pizza Bonici

Pizza Bonici is a French pizza-burger restaurant network with over 100 locations in France, Spain, and Togo.

They have partially integrated crypto payments through Lyzi’s platform, demonstrating the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the food and beverage sector.

LG Auto

LG Auto, a French group of 35+ car dealerships, rentals, and repair centers in France and Spain, has partnered with Lyzi to enable customers to purchase their next vehicle using Bitcoin.

Pascal Coste

Pascal Coste, a network of 175 hair salons in France, has begun accepting crypto payments using Lyzi’s platform.

The collaboration showcases the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies as a viable payment method in the beauty industry.

Indiana Café

Indiana Café, a French fast-food chain with a fusion of American and Mexican cuisine, has started accepting crypto payments at its main Paris location in Bercy Village through Lyzi’s platform.

Lyzi is changing the tradional payment methods in the restaurant industry.

By collaborating with these diverse partners, Lyzi is not only expanding its reach but also demonstrating the versatility and potential of cryptocurrency in everyday transactions.


As we approach the Lyzi’s highly anticipated IDO launch on Instaraise’s launchpad, we’re excited to witness the expansion of Lyzi’s ecosystem and its impact on the global payment landscape.

By bridging the gap between the traditional financial system and the world of digital currencies, Lyzi is well on its way to becoming an industry leader in the crypto payment solutions space.

We encourage you to keep an eye on the upcoming IDO and join us in celebrating the launch of Lyzi in Tezos ecosytem

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