Instaraise v2.0: Defi Universe on Tezos

Kushagar Konark

21 Nov 2021

2021, November 21

Main Takeaways

  • New UI with an improved User experience and Personalised dashboard
  • Dark mode, Staking, and Farming console
  • INSTA-XTZ Quipu LP farms yield 200,000 INSTA as rewards for the Stakers

Instaraise is stepping into a new world by creating a DeFi universe for Tezos. With a vision of creating a funnel for onboarding top-notch projects in the ecosystem and bringing the right community for them. Also bringing an utmost set of DeFi tools that will bring more audience as well as right traction for the product.

Making sure we bring the Tezos community together and provide the leverage to invest in them at an early stage. Not only big investors but the retail investors can get a guaranteed allocation in their pre-sales.

Getting into the DeFi ecosystem will be a step further toward our milestone to create the full-fledged funnel. That includes two core features LP Farms & DEX. We’ll be getting into this part in more detail with the touch-base of the bigger picture right from here.


Why are we launching the new website?

To showcase the uplifted brand identity and reflect how we see the future of Instaraise and the DeFi universe we are bringing. A whole new UI with an improved User experience that includes:

New personalized Dashboard (one-stop solution to know all about $INSTA)
Launchpad section comprises all the Presale based utility in a compact form
Trackable Presale state [ e2e flow will be conveyed right in the UI to show at what stage you are to get your allocation in place ]
Staking Console with a Dynamic Pool Weight Score and Tier Tracker and APY Showcase ( If reward pool Active )
Educative space for the IDO Facilitation rounds that makes you aware how our Presale process works
Farms: All the LP Farms in an intuitive and easy-to-use manner
And Yes especially the Dark Mode brings the power to use as per the convenience of the user

What’s exciting about it?

We are launching our own INSTA-XTZ Quipu LP farms which yield 200,000 INSTA as rewards for the Stakers.

IDO Staking pool is now recharged with new rewards!
80,000 INSTA Fuelled for our IDO Pool INSTA Stakers

What’s ahead?

More incoming rewards for the community bringing value to Instaraise.
Powerful DEX with unique capabilities will bring in more fluidity and we make sure that it bunges with the right utility and bring more traction to $INSTA

Our Team is working hard to bring what we committed around our DEX to the community as early as possible with the security perspective in mind.

More IDOs in the structuring phase to come soon on our platform, waiting for the right time to bring the awesome news popped in your feed

More Incubation announcements and partnerships to come for leveraging the full power of Tezos ecosystem