Instaraise Token Utility

Kushagar Konark

12 Aug 2021

Main Takeaways

  • This article explains the Token Utility/Usage of $INSTA which comprises the Staking Provisions that will be used for the allocation of Pool Weighted Score and how HODLers are leveraged with it.
  • $INSTA Token utility
  • Reasons to HODL $INSTA ( all Incentives in a nutshell )
  • INSTAs Deflationary model that will frame the future of $INSTA token

To operate the launch pad, offer staking rewards, competitions and marketing we are launching a $INSTA FA 2 (Non fungible) token. Users will need to hold this token to be eligible to participate in IDO OTC (Over the counter) funding campaigns. This token is also a reward token where we will be rewarding holders for being a part of the community.

Token Specifications

$INSTA will be an FA2 compliance token with Token ID: 0

$INSTA is a utility/Governance token on Tezos used for Sales in our IDO at a later stage.

The Details of the Token Distribution is discussed here :

Token Utilities

The Instaraise native token ($INSTA) is a membership utility token. It grants holders access to IDO Launchpad deal-flow, information flow, and specific presale rounds.

Staking or holding $INSTA tokens grants holders access to the more restricted projects that are essentially “more interesting” or “more popular” or “more exclusive.”


Allocation in the Presales

HODLing INSTA will give users privileged access to the Presales happening in the Instaraise Launchpad.

All the details of the Staking Amount are mentioned in the Tier model ( that takes the staking amount as well as the Staking Time into consideration while giving the pool weighted allocation for any person in the private sale.

INSTA Staking

INSTA staking is an in-house staking platform which helps you to earn more INSTA tokens by staking the amount required for the Allocation, making the staking process incentivized.

As an investor even if there is a latency (delay in the process and execution of large volumes of transactions) in the projects you still earn more INSTA as a part of our yield generation process. Your money is never idle!

*This can be claimed to the Users wallet whenever they want.

INSTA-XTZ LP(Liquidity providers)Farm

We also have an in-house INSTA-XTZ LP Farm that generates high yield for the users who provide liquidity to INSTA in Quipuswap. It adds an effective INSTA liquidity for the users to trade in the DEX

Presales in terms of INSTA

We offer INSTA Backed Presales which will help to invest in token Presales with INSTA tokens. Early holders can benefitted who bought the tokens early. At later stage holders can use use it for Investment purposes in the upcoming Presales later this stage.

Listing and Incorporation Fee

We charge a fixed amount worth $500 in terms of $INSTA Token that will be 100% vested for 2 years and will be used for incentivizing the community. (This amount is only charged for the project owners who have done their explicit whitelisting after crossing our due diligence )

A variable charge of 4% of the token sale amount will be deducted in terms of the Project Tokens.

From that:

2% goes for the development of Instaraise.

1% Swap to $INSTA for 2 years vesting.

1% will be airdropped to random 10 users participating in the sale.

INSTA backed NFT(Non Fungible Token)

With the next versions, we are bringing Global Allocation PWS Score based tickets. Score that decides the pool allocation has 2 major factors ( Staking Amount and Staking Time ) With NFT Based credit delegation we make sure when someone doesn’t invest or wants to leave the platform can get incentivized for the time they have spent with the platform staking. And the score does not lose its time royalty by getting nullified when someone unstakes.

We are bringing an innovative approach for the first time in the IDO ecosystem where a user can create an NFT associated with the score. That NFT will be deciding the Pool Allocation in the further projects.

Someone can sell the NFT with the Valuation of :

Staked Amount + Stake Time Increment

This opens up a new Trade paradigm where a person can grab an NFT from other users and start getting the allocation with respect to their score.

Reasons to HODL $INSTA ( all Incentives in a nutshell )

  • Allocation in Presales
  • Staking Yields
  • LP Farming Yields
  • INSTA Backed pre-sales
  • INSTA NFT trades and Auctions

INSTAs Deflationary model

In this part we elaborate how our deflation model helps the future of the $INSTA Token

  1. Withdrawal fees in the INSTA Farms are time based and whatever the amount is collected those are burnt manually after an interval of every 10 days.
  2. Fixed listing and incorporation fees are taken in terms of INSTA and are locked for 2 years.
  3. 1% of the Token Variable Fees are swapped to INSTA and burnt. This makes sure that more the projects coming up with INSTA, more will be the deflation, empowering the HODLers of our INSTA community.