Instaraise Q1 Q2 2023 Roadmap- Road to Defi Upliftment

Kushagar Konark

24 Jan 2023

At Instaraise, we have been focused on building and uplifting the DeFi ecosystem on the Tezos blockchain. We have a long-standing history of contributing to the growth and development of the Tezos community.

2022 has been a great year for Instaraise as we have been focusing on building various Defi tools while combating the market conditions to empower Tezos with Industry standard Defi features that are not yet available on the blockchain.

In the first quarter of the year, we are bringing all these products and tools forward which are specially designed for the Investors, Community members and Defi users of Tezos.

Scatter your tokens easily

The first event planned for Q1 is the launch of Scatter, a token distribution tool that makes it easy for users to disperse tokens to multiple addresses.

Scatter is designed to simplify the process of distributing tokens, making it more accessible for people to participate in token sales. The tool is built on the Tezos blockchain, and it supports multiple token standards, such as FA1.2 and FA2, making it flexible for different use cases.

Scatter will also supports the use of smart contract-based Tezos token distributions, allowing for more advanced use cases.

A fresh new website

Another major event planned for Q1 is the launch of a new Instaraise website.

The new design will make it easier for users to navigate the Instaraise platform and access all of the features and services that the we offer.

Additionally, the website will have a comprehensive section dedicated to educational resources such as videos and articles, providing users with the necessary information to learn about the DeFi ecosystem and latest updates around Tezos blockchain.

Initial NFT Offering platform

In addition, Instaraise is also set to launch a new Initial NFT offering platform for Clean NFT artists. This new platform will provide a new way for NFT artists to monetize their work and access new audiences.

The platform will enable artists to monetize and generate funds before the launch of their NFT in the open market.

This will create a new revenue stream for artists and promote the use of the Tezos blockchain in the NFT space.

InstaDEX mainnet launch (Yes, its finally coming :))

Another exciting event planned for the first part of the year, highly anticipated from past one year is the launch of InstaDEX. A unique, first of its kind decentralized exchange on Tezos with impermanent loss protection and single-asset liquidity provisioning

InstaDEX will greatly reduce liquidity provider’s loss and make trading on Tezos more secure and efficient. InstaDEX will introduce a new way for users on Tezos to trade tokens and other digital assets on the blockchain, further promoting the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

This will create a new trading venue for Tezos-based assets and promote liquidity in the Tezos market.

A self hosted IDO platform

Finally, Instaraise will be updating the existing IDO launchpad into a self hosted IDO platform, which will allow new projects to easily launch their token IDO on our platform. This new feature will enable projects to host their own IDO on the Instaraise platform and set everything up easily.

The self hosted IDO platform will give new projects the ability to create a token sale in an easy and efficient way, which will be a great opportunity for projects to raise funds and introduce their idea to the community.

The Vision

The advancements and developments planned by Instaraise in Q1 and Q2 of 2023 demonstrate our commitment to building a stronger and more vibrant Tezos community, and making it easier for people to participate in the DeFi ecosystem on Tezos.

From token distribution tools like Scatter to educational resources on the new website, and from Initial NFT offerings to the launch of InstaDEX, the company is working to provide a wide range of services and products for the community, investors, Hodlers and new projects on Tezos.

As Instaraise continues to focus on community and building Tezos DeFi, these developments will play a vital role in promoting the growth and adoption of the Tezos blockchain.