Instaraise IDO Recap and Roadmap

Kushagar Konark

14 Sep 2021

Public Sale Recap:

We have successfully completed our public sale on 9th September 2021 on Instaraise’s own platform.

The sale was supposed to be held for 72 hours but surprisingly the whole token pool was exhausted within the first 60 seconds of our public sale.

In our Public sale, more than 272 whitelisted investors participated, out of which 34 got Lucky to get into the Sale, 33 addresses transactions got rejected due to oversubscription.

6 Addresses invested ~ 2,000 XTZ!

Premium NFT Airdrops to top 5 Participants ! Teaser on it’s way for the Instawhales

Our Upcoming Roadmap:

We are excited to announce that our token listing is live on Quipuswap!

Our next goal is to bring high-quality projects on the Instaraise platform for our community. We are going to launch our governance token in near future with multi-fold utility for both tokens. We want to reward our highly supportive community as much as possible with these initiatives. More details will be coming out in near future.

Improvements in the IDO Facilitation like NFT Based presales, Pool weight Tradability are on the road along with in-house Yield Farms for interacting with different available farms from Instaraise Dapp.

Incentivization for INSTA Holders and LP Providers

It’s just the start where we started the collaborations with different Tezos Dapps which can be beneficial for any project. Our Strategic partners will bring on a huge leap for the Projects we are incubating and nurturing their Sale.

We enlarge the scope of Marketing support for the Projects we onboard to a new level :

  • The projects coming aboard with us, we help them structure their sale and help them ground up to make their fundraising successful.
  • We help with Tokenomics, Listing, Token Specifications, and much more to make the sale a success.
  • Connects for collaborations with different protocols that help in marketing the product to the dedicated users.
  • Social Media pushes the Ecosystem about the product.
  • Connects with Farming and Staking Solutions in place to integrate into your platform after launch
  • Dedicated Advisory throughout the progress of the Projects can be provided by the best in the Industry.