AqarChain IDO on Instaraise- A quick Recap

Kushagar Konark

26 Oct 2021

Instaraise has successfully completed another IDO on its native IDO platform AqarChain IDO was completed on the 21st of October 2021 and we are amazed to see the community coming forward and investing in the projects coming into the Tezos ecosystem.

In this article, we have shared some of the snips and bits of the Aqarchain IDO which had been facilitated first time by our new architecture in a fully trustless and decentralized manner.

We also explained the fee distribution that contributes to Instaraise and how it empowers our Community.

AqarChain IDO Highlights

Aqarchain IDO went beyond our expectations with respect to the fund raised and the time taken. We have successfully raised $50,000 worth XTZ and the whole amount is used to provide liquidity to Quipuswap.

Pool Weight and Time leverage in Action

We made sure that the time & stake leverage gives the $INSTA stakers the right amount of allocation as per the pool weight score they have attained until the start of the IDO. This IDO gave $INSTA stakers an edge over the other investors.

For $INSTA stakers we have prevented GAS wars and have given all our investors an edge who are residing in any of the tires to gain the allocation they deserve.

** The time-based weight was also considered so that investors staking for a longer period gains the extra bit of Allocation.

Verified Trustless Architecture in Play!

We have integrated or audited IDO architecture to carry out the AQRtz IDO in the most trustless manner possible.

Liquidity provisioning and locking are done in a trustless manner with our Smart Contract and the owner does not get access to the funds until the liquidity is locked.

Fees Distribution

We have a deflationary model that works for the fees we accumulate after each IDO.
1/4th of the AQRtz tokens were swapped to $INSTA and 10 lucky participantswill get airdropped and will be announced soon 🙂

How we are improving?

With the completion of another challenging yet fun IDO, Instaraise is now fully aware and more experienced in empowering new projects with its impactful marketing advisory, community growth, and ecosystem development assistance.

We took feedback from our peers as well as from our community and based on it, we are improving our UI to the next level with a new addition to the features offered. As of UX is concerned we are working on it too to make it easier to use and with a lot of in-page info regarding INSTA.

Huge improvements are coming to the UX, as well as the UI of Instaraise. Our team is working hard to get the new lookup very soon with added features and a more convenient interface.

With the wrap-up of another successful IDO, Instaraise is all set for its next incubation with more exclusive rewards and events for the community. Our Next IDO is at the doorstep, stay tuned!