Welcome to Unibase

We are a crew of entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers with a vision of leading the tech ecosystem in the Web3 Arena. Our team has proven experience in building and launching DeFi protocols and tools to solve not only present but also future problems on a larger scale.

Unibase Team

“ Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought. “

~ Albert Szent-Györgyi

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What we do

We specialise in Blockchain and edge tech and bring value to the ecosystem we collaborate. Helping in R&D, Product Launch and Tech Enablement are our core strengths and had contributed the ecosystem from Educational and Content side too. We as a Team envisions ourselves to simplify the investment stack throughout the demography and easy cross-border investments with Technology.

  • Helped 5+ Products for Launch and Tech R&D.
  • Launched our Product Instaraise as a Decentralised Fundraising Stack.
  • Built InstaDEX | A DEX with Impermanent Loss Protection.
  • Research wing working on the Infrastructure Level w/ Singular Network & Transition Network ( in Process ).
  • Built a Social Network for Investors - Lit | Let's Invest Together.
  • Team has advised & helped products to Raise Funds.
Team meetings at unibase
Team meetings at unibase
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What are we cooking

We are committed to identifying and solving key issues in the Web3 ecosystem by creating DeFi protocols, tools, and infrastructure. Our goal is to develop new solutions that address these issues and make the next generation of the web accessible and available to all.

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Ultimate web3 Investment stack

Instaraise is an ultimate web3 Investment stack. It's a platform that allows users to invest, trade, farm, and manage all their tokens in one place, making it easier for individuals to navigate their investments and achieve their financial goals.

Singular wallet

Singular Wallet

A Multichain Wallet

Singular wallet aims to improve user experience by unifying the gas experience in every network, allowing users to pay a single gas fee across all networks.


LIT (Let's Invest Together)

Let's Invest Together

Lit is a social platform that allows you to collaborate, club, watch, and invest with friends. With Lit, you can connect with your friends, family, or other financial experts to make collaborative decisions. Our goal is to end the insecurity that comes with making financial decisions on your own.



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